Hooper Eats



















I finally got around to giving this Hazelnut butter a try. It tastes just like chocolate. I added it to cottage cheese, which Hooper has NEVER liked no matter what I’ve mixed or added. But, alas, he ate all his cottage cheese. 










I will get avocado in this boys tummy’s anyway I can. It’s such a nutritious food and I know he could use the “good” fat content. He likes his avocado and cream cheese sandwich. I wouldn’t say he loves it, but I can normally get him to eat at least half of it. 










The whole wheat pancake mix is from Whole Foods and it’s not half bad. Hooper ate one of the pancakes and finally ate the sliced peaches he had previously refused. Maybe this boy is expanding after all!?









This boy loves ground beef with taco seasoning. Sarah especially likes when he “shares” this with her.
If anyone has any other food suggestions, I’m always looking to try something new!

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  • I can’t imagine the struggle you go through to get Hooper to eat. It sounds fierce. My 2 year old isn’t a picky eater, but oddly enough, won’t touch a sandwich with a ten foot pole! Have you tried veggie hot dogs (made without gmo soybeans)? They are one of my son’s favorite foods.

    • Haven’t tried those, but most certainly will. He won’t go for a regular hot dog, but who knows, maybe he’ll be a veggie hot dog fiend. Thanks for the suggestion! And yes, it’s fierce.


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