Hooper @ 19 Months

Appearance & Growth: Your eyes seem to be changing. Some days they look brown. Other days they seem to have a yellow look to them. And other days they seem to be transitioning to hazel. Not sure what they will end up, but I read that the pigment can change over the first few years of life. Your hair has yet to be cut and at times resembles a mullet. You can blame your dad for this, as he refuses to have it trimmed. I like it long too, but I think it could use a little direction. Your bed head is insane. You have your Papa’s legs, you know the kind where the knees go together but the feet are apart. I tease him all the time, but it’s pretty cute to see a miniature version of your Papa. You have my tongue. It’s long and I’ll bet you’ll be picking your nose with it any day now, just like your mama used to. I know, it’s gross. Whatever.
You are still in a size 4 diaper, but I see a jump up to size 5 on the horizon. You’ve nearly grown out of your vintage zips, my favorite shoes to date. I’m debating bounding your feet to make them work just a bit longer. You’re growing into a size 6 shoe and 24 month clothes (mostly due to height).
Teeth: Alas, all 16 teeth are in. You had a couple fussy days and I was beginning to think your two year molars could be making their way down. In hindsight, I think you weren’t feeling well and had a little cold because a few days later your Papa took himself to the urgent care where they found a sinus infection. Your Papa thanks you for this and we apologize for referring to you as a fussy little monster when in fact you probably weren’t feeling well. Back to your chompers. Papa brushes your teeth every night before you go to bed. Some nights he’ll call me in to watch hysterically laughing as you push your tongue out of your mouth and lick the brush before he can shove it into your mouth. Other nights I hear him impatiently urging you to let him brush your bottom teeth. You haven’t learned to spit yet, so we’re working on that.
Talking: We went to Arizona this past month and you expanded your vocabulary to include “ROE!”, aka “Rose” (the dog). You also started howling at the moon, compliments of your g’ma Vickie. Cutest thing ever, if you ask me. You also say “gee-ah” for your beloved giraffe, “tee-tee” for turtle, “peas” (the “s” sounds like a snake hissing) for please, “bub uh” for bubbles, “high-yee” for “hi”. Oh yes, your favorite color is apparently still yellow. When we ask you what color anything is, the reply is always, “wewwow”. I’m not sure if you know you have options to the question. In fact, I’m certain that yellow is the only color that exists in your little world. We try our best to set you up for success. We were on the road the other day and Papa asked, “Hey Hooper, what color is that sign coming up?”. It wasn’t really a fair question anyway because your back facing and couldn’t even see the sign, but sure enough you replied, “wewwow” and you were correct. You’ll always be brilliant in our eyes. Ha! As far as talking, you say just about anything, but usually only say the beginning of the word and have yet to add on the additional syllables or put two words together.
Feeding: Hip hip hooray for Yo Gabba Gabba, it has been a mealtime savior. Some may argue that we shouldn’t let you watch TV while you eat, but if you eat because the TV is on then whatever (“whatever” of course being said with so much 1993 sass I may even be making a W with my two thumbs and pointer fingers). On the flip side, you are now OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba. Almost as soon as you wake up, you start saying “Gabba Gabba” and then proceed to grab the TV remote, plant yourself on the sofa, and become stubbornly insistent that we turn it on for you. It’s not cute (ok, it’s kinda cute), but I’m not proud. I will not raise a TV or video game junky, capiche? (As a side note, if you’re like me and are stuck watching Gabba Gabba, I highly recommend the episode titled “New Friends” that features Jack Black. Here’s a sneak peek. If you’re not into watching the whole five minutes, I recommend skipping to 1:30 & 3:55, where you can check out a few of his funky dance moves. Reminds me so much of Willy’s dancing. Then turn the video off and deny you ever watched it.)
Anyway, back to feeding you. Hooper, can I tell you the truth? I hate feeding you. Sometimes I wish it were my responsibility only to feed Sarah because she is by far the easiest thing in the world to please.
It’s so frustrating to try to shove food in your mouth while Sarah waits so eagerly and impatiently for the same bite. If I could only reverse your roles and leave some pebbles for you in a bowl and feed all the good stuff to Sarah, life would be much easier. That aside, you do eat and you do eat well, just not without a struggle and a whole lot of patience and even some strategy.
We’ve combated the fact that you won’t sit in a highchair for more than 5 minutes by choosing restaurants that have outdoor patios. What a saving grace. It’s nice to let you wander and entertain yourself while the rest of us enjoy (did I just say enjoy?!) a meal out. You rarely stray too far from the table and like to watch the birds and play peek-a-boo with whoever catches your eye.
You’ve taken to patting your own back when you choke or cough, only you can’t get your hand around to your back so you pat your neck. It’s pretty funny. You do it anytime you cough, whether there is food involved or not.
Sleeping: Three words: BIG BOY BED! Wahoo. The transition was initially seamless, then there were a few rough nights, and now I think we’re on track. You nap schedule seems to be in limbo. After we moved you to the new bed, you started taking only one nap a day but it lasted about 4 hours. Then you reverted back to your two naps a day for two hours each. Not sure what you’re going to stick with, as you’ve flip flopped between these two schedules.
It’s funny to watch you move all over your bed and I wonder when you’ll decide to sleep with your head on a pillow and your feet pointed toward the end of the bed. I just went in to peek on you and you have your little bum stuck right up in the air, your two fingers in your mouth, your blanket curled up under your belly, and you are sideways on the bed. We haven’t added a sheet yet because I’m not sure what you’d do with it. It’s too hot anyway. You wake up in the middle of the night every now again, but these episodes are few and far between.
Development: You have upgraded your love for the trash bins and now like playing what we call “the trash man”. No matter where we are, you like to collect the trash around you and bring it to the nearest bin to throw away. It’s helpful at times, always cute, but sometimes dirty.
You’re still attending your class at the gym and are still shy around the instructors. You have no problem participating if it’s one on one with me, but as soon as the teacher takes you to do something with them, all bets are off. You turn into a limp sourpuss. I’m hoping you overcome this soon.
Peek-a-boo is still a favorite of yours and anyone trying to win your heart ought to know a little game of peek-a-boo steals it instantly. You’re more entertained with your toys than ever before. You like to transport all of them out of your room and the rest of the house is flooded with toys like never before. You’re starting to jump by taking off with two feet, but aren’t quite there yet. I like to practice with you on your bed, which probably isn’t the best idea but whatever, all kids jump on their beds. You seemed bothered by the fact you only have two hands. More times than not they are filled with this or that and you start whining because there is some other object you’d also like to be holding. Maybe you need a briefcase to store all your collectibles in? Either way, you only have two hands Hooper. Make it work young lad. Oh, and I’ve caught you walking on your tippy toes every now and again. Not sure where you learned it.
Favorites: Anything that moves: cars, trucks, motorcycles, your vintage playskool giraffe. You love playing with the car keys and inside the car itself. You also like Yo Gabba Gabba. You still love janitorial items. We’ve decided that your dream job at this point in life would be a valet parker for janitorial trucks. The best of both of your worlds. Let us know if you want to stick with that plan and we’ll ix-nay on the college fund.
Upcoming: A power wheels is in your future. We’re planning on buying you one and surprising you with it just after the baby is born. We figure it will be a good time to distract you with a new rad toy.

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  • Aw, I wish you had a video of him howling at the moon. He is so cute. These monthly updates are my favorite posts. Very touching that you catalog all of this! It’s hard to imagine Hoops as shy in his gym classes. I’m sure he’ll open up in time. He’s far from shy with you guys 😉

    “It’s long and I’ll bet you’ll be picking your nose with it any day now, just like your mama used to.” — I’m pretty sure you still do that.


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