Having a Baby is a Horrible Mistake

As we inch closer to bringing another child into this world, I’m reminded of the difficulties in caring for a newborn. Hooper was not an easy baby. Or maybe its that our expectations needed adjusting. Even in hindsight, I’m still not sure. But it was difficult, that much I know. So as we draw closer to round two, I’m trying my best to keep humor and light heartedness at the forefront. I’m channeling Adam Pally in an effort to keep things in perspective and remember the challenge men have in bonding with their new child immediately.
It wasn’t until Hooper developed some sort of personality that Willy really started to bond with him. It sounds harsh, but it’s part of the reality of the difference, I think, between men and woman. The bond for me was entirely innate and happened so instantly. For Willy, the relationship developed overtime. And I’d argue that it has made him an even better father even though it caused tension and constant adjustments in the beginning. In any case, I hope I’m still able to laugh at his video post birth. I hope I’m not so entirely exhausted that I lose my sense of humor. So yes, I’m channeling Adam Pally.
As a side note, Hooper’s nursery is being featured on one of my favorite kiddo blogs this morning! Check him out over at Modern Kiddo 🙂
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