Hooper Eats.










I always start with his food the way I intend for him to eat it. I’ll give it a few attempts before I make additions or subtractions. With this meal, he wouldn’t eat the carrots. Sometimes he goes for them, other times he doesn’t. I added just a bit of ranch dressing and he ate all of them. Avocado is also hit or miss, but sometimes adding a little cream cheese does the trick. Ultimately, he gobbled up the chicken quesadilla and carrots but wouldn’t go for the avocado. You can’t win them all.









Scrambled eggs with cheese is my “go-to”. He loves it and he eats it fast. If we have somewhere we have to be and don’t have the luxury to dedicate the whole morning to eating his breakfast, we go with eggs. I’m tempted to start adding spinach to it, but don’t want to mess with the good thing we have going quite yet. It is on the agenda though. I cut the cherries in half and remove the pit and he always gobbles those up.









The chicken breast is cooked with corn starch for added crunch. We tell him it’s chicken nuggets and he’s never turned it down. Sometimes I mix in a little pesto sauce too if he needs a little push. 









I tried to get Hooper to eat oatmeal for the longest time. He always refused. I added raisins and he has yet to push that bowl away. Woot woot.
Sidenote: The vintage placemats are from Etsy seller Star Friends On Earth and I love them. I was devastated the other day when Hooper took a pen to one of them, but it washed off with ease. Love, love, love. Want something similar? Check out these vintage placemats.

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