A Trinket, A Tasket

Willy, Hooper, and I headed out to Arizona the other weekend to visit with Willy’s side of the family. You can browse through pics from our last visit there here, here, and here. I didn’t manage to take a single picture this time and I’m not sure why. Maybe it was that toddler that had his hands into everything or maybe it was just my pregnancy laziness. Not that I have nothing to show of the trip… Because I came back with plenty of loot. Browsing the thrift stores with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law has become one of my favorite things to do there. They know all the good spots. Here’s what I collected:




















An adorable Raggedy Andy doll that now accompanies Hooper to bed. Cutest thing ever! 



































These children records. And yes, you saw it correctly, Puff the Magic Dragon is included. Boo-Ya!


















This vintage book about a boy having his tonsils removed. My nurse instincts kicked in immediately and I had to have it.









This adorable fishing crewel. Thought it would be cute in either of the boys’ rooms.









I stumbled upon this table runner at a Goodwill and couldn’t think of anywhere to put it, but for pennies on the dollar I couldn’t resist. I’ll make it work somewhere or I’ll make something cool with it. This, I promise. 









Gotta love a mickey mouse plate. It appears to be handmade. Also found at Goodwill.




















I walked by this little cowboy, said “howdy”, he said “howdy” back and from that point on, I knew I was going to take him home with me. Also found at the Goodwill.









If you get something with Micky Mouse, you have to get something with Donald Duck. That’s a rule somewhere, no?









I plan on drilling holes in the bottom of these and planting plants in them. I got the idea from here.









Glass jars. A buck a piece. Beat that you overpriced Mason jars.




















Mid-Century lamps. They came as a pair. I’m putting one in Hooper’s room and the other will have a nice home in the garage until a new home is found for it.









This pink Mexican blanket. One of my favorite finds, again, from the Goodwill. A lovely beach blanket. It lives in the back of my car now. 


























And some random clothing for the boys. I’m in love with that little plaid romper. And I’m quite fond of the Icelandic shirt, though I assure you, Willy and I are not Icelandic. Not even our mailman is Icelandic so don’t draw any wild conclusions. 

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