Confessions of…

A Puree-a-holic

I thought our days of pureeing may be nearing an end. He refused his morning mush for Willy and refused the next day again for me, but this morning it was back to normal. Here’s what Hooper’s been grubbin’:





























































I also added some Flax seed. These purees save me. I’ve shared some of my feeding Hooper struggles in my new series “Hooper Eats”. You can read the first post, from last week, by clicking here. I’m not sure how I’d get him to eat such a variety of fruits and vegetables if it weren’t for the purees. For a whlie, the only fruits he liked were raspberries and strawberries. He used to be a blueberry fiend, but from time to time he’ll simply throw them on the floor. He refused to even try peaches or bananas up until the other day. He ate part of a kiwi once and threw the rest on the floor. And the only vegetables he’ll eat are carrots with ranch dressing and frozen peas and corn. Everything else he spits out. Oh my beloved purees, please stick around just a little while longer.
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  • Hi,
    Just found you through ohdeardrea….i LOVE your blog! I’ve just added it to my blogs to follow thingy….I rarely do that as I start to collect to many! Your little boy looks a similar age to mine and you seem to have the same food battles….I’ll be checking in to see how you’re getting on with that! I’d love to say head over to my blog to see how I get MY 18 month old to eat. But well really he is a tricksy little fella and no where near the eating level of the amazing Marlowe!
    Anyway good luck with the new baby, hope all goes well.


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