Hooper Eats.

I’ve made no secret of the fact my child is a picky eater. I’m a picky eater too, so I hold myself responsible. That’s probably why my patience takes longer to run out than Willy’s. In any case, the food has to be the right temperature, the right consistency, familiar, and there needs to be a balance between too much distraction and not enough distraction. It can’t be a distraction that draws his attention away from the food, rather it has to entertain him while we shovel food into his mouth. Sitting for long periods in the highchair doesn’t fair too well these days. We have about a five minute window whether he likes the food or not. After that window of time closes, he’s off to the races and we’re left chasing him around with his next bite of food. Which he’ll eat, by the way, it’s just he’s more interested in playing than eating. What’s that you say? Typical toddler behavior? Typical shympical, feeding this boy is d-i-f-f-i-c-u-l-t.
I’m always looking for new things for him to try and I’m always planning his meals to be sure he’s eating a balanced diet. And while I think I do a good job of having him eat well from each food group, I think I fail in the variety category. Which leads me back to the always looking for new things for him to try mantra. In any case, here are some meals I’ve made him as of late and proof of the highchair struggle.



See how sweet he looks in the picture above. This photo was taken within that five minute window I was talking about. Nonetheless, he’s wasting value time within that window because he’s obviously not paying any attention to his food. I made him pretty tasty french toast too. Anyway, here’s what happens when the five minutes are up:
Note Willy’s arm holding him down. It’s of no use, really. I’m not sure why he even attempts to stop the inevitable.
This last picture is really the one that tells the whole story:
Note Willy with his head turned toward the TV. He’s watching golf or basketball, I assure you. Note the food on the fork: mac n’ cheese with peas. This is one of Hooper’s favorites. Note Hooper with his head thrown back and an already been chewed pea and some slobber on his chin. Yes folks, this is what I deal with. I often feel like the naughty school master with a ruler in my hand, one foot perched on the chair, yelling at Willy to concentrate and at Hooper to eat.

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  • 🙂 I really had to laugh while reading. I think it’s kind of normal if toddlers tend to be picky with food, but sure there are different levels. I deal with a “how can I made my kids stop eating” problem here. And I also know the problem not only to have kids to tell what they should do but also their daddy!

  • Try these Ashley,
    Make sure he’s not the only one eating at the table during meal time. Whatever you’re serving him should be the same thing you guys are having also. Meal time is bonding time which means no TV at all for anyone. Be consistent with him. From what i see, the meals you’re making him are perfect. Does he have his own kids size silverware? This might make it easier for him to eat. Also, try using toothpick to get him to eat some of the food, just watch him closely with it. He might enjoy eating food this way. Does he like peanut butter? For a snack, spread some on celery or apple slices. Let me know if these helps you.


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