A Trinket, A Tasket

The other weekend I had the pleasure of escorting myself to a local flea market, where I had a glorious time. Here are my finds:
I am in love with that little vintage pillow. I got the whole back story about where it came from too, which is always a bonus. The back has lots of stains, so I’ll be asking my lovely mother to take it apart and add new fabric to the back (note to self: learn how to sew). I also bought some trim to add along the edges. I’ll be sure to share the final product. I found that gorgeous turquoise ring within steps from the entrance and I snatched it up instantly. Sure, it’s already broke but when I repair it and give it another life, it will be making my long skinny fingers look gorgeous all over again. And perhaps my biggest splurge was on that danish bed set. But isn’t it perfect? I missed it the first time I walked down the aisle and happened to be strolling back that way and boy am I glad I did. It’s about the same as I was planning to spend on a new twin bed and it’s larger and will last Hooper throughout his childhood. It’s stamped by the Furniture Guild of California. The man that sold it to me was as sweet as could be and even brought it out to my car and loaded it for me. I repaid him with a fresh squeezed orange juice. It was a good day. 

4 Responses

  • Dying over that pillow! It is sooo cute. What’s the story behind it, if I can ask? I agree, that’s a bonus and always makes an item more fun. And vintage books are always awesome!

    • The guy told me it came from an estate sale of a couple he knew. He said the mom always asked that the daughter sleep on the opposite side of the pillow, which was plain white. As a result, that side is rather stained and gross, but the other side has been well preserved. I just had my mom re-stuff it and add some trim, so I’ll share the final product soon. It’s sooo cute, I’m in love with it. Thanks for all your sweet comments, Marty!


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