Play Pals

It’s so exciting to watch Hooper interact with babies younger than him as it offers a glance at what to expect when his brother arrives. I’m pleased to report that he exhibits no signs of jealousy when I hold little Emerson and actually seems moderately into her. We’ll see how that all changes when I’m playing mama full time to another little munchkin. ‘Til then, I leave you with a little Hooper & Emerson lovefest.































































Hooper also had a play date with his pal Evan. These guys are only three days apart and his mom and I are both pregnant again, with just seven weeks separating our due dates. So cool. These two splashed around with the water, played on the slide, ate animal crackers, and did what boys do: got dirty. I’m still trying to get the dirt out of Hooper’s clothes. Sarah got to join in the fun too. Here’s some snapshots from their time together:

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