A Trinket, A Tasket

What happens when your husband watches your toddler, your best friend is in town, and it’s Sunday (AKA flea market extravaganza)? You come away with some treasures, that’s what. Here’s what I collected. And please note, not one thing is for me. Oh the joys of motherhood. Who is this selfless person Hooper calls his mom? I hardly know her.





















































































































My favorite find were those vintage Zip shoes. When the lady told me the price, I immediately opened my wallet. They were so cool that they actually silenced my bargaining mouth. I paid $7.00 and walked away feeling like a million bucks. Oh the rush of a good find. It feels so good.
Oh yes, wait now. There was one thing for me or at least for the sweet little place I call home. This awesome plant stand made it’s way into my trunk and I couldn’t be more pleased. Time to visit a garden and complete this little guy.

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