30 Minutes

Prior to the strained muscle in my back, I had no excuse not to keep in shape during this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Hooper I attended a prenatal yoga class weekly. It was a light workout, but it kept me flexible and feeling good. This time around, there has been no time for a yoga class. I’ve contemplated going now that I’m not working, but am unsure if it’s a good idea with my back so instead I’ve stuck with my physical therapy treatments. Back to the beginning of my pregnancy.
I turned to friend Jon Ham, who runs “Fitness on the Run” with his wife Cari, for their series of prenatal workouts. Both of them are previous gymnasts, which is how I know Jon, and the workouts they feature use much of your own body weight which has always been what feels right after years of gymnastics conditioning. With the use of very little added equipment, Cari has a series of three prenatal workouts that you can download for free. Including the stretching session at the end, these workouts take a mere 30 minutes. I used to do them during Hooper’s morning nap, then I’d spend the rest of the day feeling oh so good.
If you click on this link and then again free ebook, it is the first selection. Enjoy!
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