The Lawnmower

The other day Hooper and I got in trouble. It was a nice spring day so I decided to let Hooper mosey around the backyard. We recently planted grass and it’s been growing so beautifully, minus all the gnats. Anyway, I watched as Hooper did his usual shenanigans. He transported dirt from the flower bed to the ivy, he played with the rocks, he ran around. And then he started pulling out the grass. It was one of the first times he actually stopped moving so of course my shutterbug instinct kicked in and I snapped away. Truthfully I didn’t care what he was doing, so long as it was safe, as I now had my picture opportunity. That’s what happens when you’re nutty about photography, you see. So nutty you may just wind up in Pakistan when you believed the 24 hour bus ride you were on was taking you to a mountain region in India, but instead you’re welcomed by this:
But that’s a separate story and perhaps just another time my shutterbug instinct got the best of me. You can see now why I didn’t think the grass pulling was a big deal. I mean it’s not like there was a gun in my face. Anyway, Willy came out to join us and we were busted. He was upset to say the least. I tried to be as cute as possible and simply explained that Hooper and I were playing a new game called “Lawnmower”. The anger drifted quickly.
What do you let your little ones get away with when Daddy isn’t around?

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  • this is hilarious! lucky for me, single mommy = no daddy around to put a damper on the fun! yipee! those overalls are awesome!


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