The Wishlist

Of course there is always a line of delineation between what one wants and what one needs. While the registry post for baby 2 compiles a list of things we need, this little list here is things we simply want. Let a girl dream, okay?
































1. Aren’t these vintage hangers adorable? Etsy has some available like this one or this one, but I really just can’t fathom spending money on something that hides in a closet anyway. Something to keep my eye out for when I’m out treasure hunting.
2. Kid’s Records. We probably listen to Hooper’s records more than our own. I love the old western ones with tunes like “Polly Wolly Doodle” or “Skip to my Lou”. We also love the old Sheriff John records. Most of the ones we own came in the form of hand-me-downs, but it’s also something I keep my eye out for.
3. I think this coat rack would also work as a towel rack in the kid’s bathroom.
4. Vintage Toys. We have a good collection of vintage Fisher Price toys, many of which were my own as a child. I’m always on the lookout for something fun. Etsy has tons of vintage toys available, but you can find them much cheaper in the thrift stores, flea markets, or consignment shops. I rarely use Etsy unless it’s something I can’t find and can’t live without.
5. Vintage Books. My lovely mother-in-law bought Hooper the cutest vintage Zippy the Monkey a while back and I was stoked when I came across this Zippy book.  I have a weakness for all vintage children’s books, nothing beats the illustrations and simple stories of a simpler time.
6. Vintage Clothes. It’s hard to rationalize spending much money on clothes in light of the fact that babies grow very fast and that this next baby will have a closet full of hand-me-downs from his big brother. But, of course, I keep my eye out for a good deal or anything so gosh dang cute that I just can’t turn down. I’ll share some of my finds soon, but how ’bout that little train romper? Yummier than a cupcake, no?
7. Vintage Plastic ware. I swear, this has been one of the hardest things to come across. I have a modest collection from Hooper but always have my eye out for cute plates, cups, and/or bowls.
8. Stuffed Fox. Etsy seller Sleepy King has the sweetest handmade plush foxes and owls, oh my. This fox has been one of our favorites for a long time. So cute!
9. Modern High Chair. I’ve wrote many times about how much I love our simple and cheap restaurant style high chair.  I don’t take it back at all. Nothing beats the cost and simplicity. But this beautiful high chair? Ya, when money grows on trees I’m using some fallen leaves to pick me up one of these lovely chairs.


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