Registry, Part II

I made my personal recommendations for those expecting their first baby here. Here’s what I’ve compiled on the “must have” list for the second baby. If I’m missing something, by all means, throw a bone my way.





























1. Twin bed + mattress + bedding. This is so that baby number two can have baby number one’s crib. I contemplated getting a second crib and keeping Hooper in a crib longer, but ultimately decided it would be better to save the cost of a second crib and invest in a big boy bed that will suit him for the coming years. I realize I will also need the guard rails, which I have just begun researching. The to-do list lengthens. I have lots of bedding ideas too, so many that I plan to compile them into a separate post. We have a lovely vintage twin bed waiting to be handed down to us, except that it’s in Arizona and getting it in time is posing a problem. So, I will be scouring the local thrift stores to keep my eyes out for something just as lovely.
2. Baby Book. Yes, I am a documenting freak. I have a very thorough book that consists of  month to month tales from Hooper’s first year. I also have a photo from each week of his life, from birth to one year. I can’t wrap my head around completing it for Hooper and not doing the same for the next baby, so in addition to having this blog and all the stories it holds, I will be double documenting. I already purchased the book from Etsy seller Two Giggles. The seller is very easy to work with and I love that the books are three ring binders. I added lots of extra pages to Hooper’s and plan to do the same this time around.
3. Changing Tray. I contemplated this one for a while too and am of course open for any suggestions people may have. I was debating changing both kids diapers in one place, but then think it would be annoying if one is sleeping and the other one has a shitty diaper and … well you get the idea. I’m not sure where I’d put the changing tray in Hooper’s new room since he’ll no longer have a crib to lay it across. I figure it could go on his dresser, but I’m not so excited to sacrifice decoration for a changing table… but what’s the point of doing a room up if it’s not functional, right? Anyway, I figure time will hold the answers to this mystery.
4. Diaper Pail. You may remember my diaper-pail-gone-bad story from my first registry. In any case, we’ll use the Diaper Dekor Plus Pail for the new baby just as we did for Hooper. It kept the smell well contained for about the first year, at-which-point we transitioned to the Arm & Hammer Munchkin Pail which contains the smell a hell of a lot better.
5. Breast Pump Accessories. I currently have the Medela Soft Fit Breastshields and have no complaints other than the fact that after a lot of use they are a bit worn and in need of replacement. I also need some more milk storage bags. Goodness, even writing about breast pump accessories makes me dread the pumping days that are just around the corner.
6. Car Seat. I’m almost embarrassed to say that Hooper was still in his infant car seat until just a short while ago. He still meets the weight limit, but has outgrown the seat in length. So in order to hand the infant car seats down to the new baby, we needed the big boy car seat for Hooper. We bought the Graco MyRide 65 and are contemplating buying a second seat for the second car. We were fortunate enough to have one infant car seat handed down to us and the second we bought nearly new on craigslist. Since Hooper will be in this car seat for years to come, I’m more hesitant to buy used. But their pricey. So for now we have one. When it becomes a problem and when money starts growing on trees, we’ll think of purchasing a second.
7. Double Stroller. My dream is to own the Bugaboo Donkey because we’ve been so stoked on our Bugaboo Frog that we purchased for a fraction of the price used. Unfortunately, Bugaboo just put out their double stroller so there are no used ones available and the new ones are ridiculously expensive. I haven’t looked at other strollers yet and am putting this one on the back burner until it proves to be a necessity.
8. Baby Monitor. I refuse to take the monitor out of Hooper’s room. Until he is big enough to climb out of bed, open his door, and come into our room for help I just can’t wrap my head around removing it. I’ve talked to parents who say they still use the monitor in their 15 year old’s rooms… for different reasons, of course. But in any case, it made me feel more secure with myself for keeping a monitor in my toddler’s room. We currently have the Sony Baby Call Monitor and plan on purchasing the same for the second baby. We ditched the Angelcare monitor after it started making this awful ticking noise. That monitor can kiss my arse.
9. White Noise Maker. We currently have this white noise maker and have no complaints. It has different settings and is found in every room where there is a bed in our house. Thus, we will need one more. It’s Willy’s preference, really. I could do without the sound of a space shuttle launch each night but it is nice in the kid’s rooms to block out the sound of vacuuming, dish washing, or music playing during nap time.
Did I miss anything? Would love to hear from mom’s of two or more…


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