27 Weeks

Remember when I told you about my post pregnancy prize pack and I talked about the neglected half of my closet versus the gonna try and make it work with pregnancy half? Well the two sides have started to converge into one big neglected closet. My choices are getting slimmer and slimmer. The dress you see above, for example, had been stuffed in a corner of my closet and did not belong to either of the designated sides. Instead, it was a dress I had thrifted a while back and planned on making work. I had my mom add a liner to it because before it was entirely see-through. The straps still need to be taken in a couple of inches and for this reason, it remains stuffed in a corner of my tiny little closet. But with my choices getting slimmer, I was desperate today. I pulled it down, through it on and did a little twirl for Willy. I broke the only full length mirror the other day when vacuuming (damn you vacuuming!) and have no way to even assess these pregnancy ensembles I’m throwing on. I know, dangerous. Let the seven years of bad luck begin with some shitty put together pregnancy ensembles. Anyway, I macgyvered some bobby pins for a quick fix with the straps and voila. Pregnancy week 27 complete. Hip hip hooray. No promises from here on out. I may just photograph myself in Willy’s t-shirts and sweats.
Concerns this week revolve around me being home more. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. It’s what my back, more than anything, really needs. And spending all my time with Hooper is priceless. It’s time you don’t get back, you know? But I worry that spending so much time with him right before my time with him will be so drastically diminished, is dangerous. I’ve enrolled him in a class, that of course I participate in, to increase his sociability. I also try to leave him with my parents here and there because they love spending time with him. They watched him the other day and I was able to go to a local frame store, Best Buy, the Post Office, the Salvation Army, Costco, and the grocery store. Then I came home and cleaned out the fridge. Sure, my back paid the price, but the price would have been a lot steeper if I were to tote a wee little toddler around on all those errands. In any case, I’m hoping Hooper won’t take out any of his resentment toward the baby. My sister and I always laugh over stories we hear of her throwing bananas at me and referring to me as “the Beast”, but I’m sure at the time it wasn’t funny. I’m sure at the time it was a major concern. Not sure how to make the transition a smooth one, but I’m all ears for any advice for those of you who have been in the same situation.
In other pregnancy related news, the baby has had hiccups this week. It’s only happened once, but I recognized that rhythmic thumping instantly. Time also seems to be picking back up. With the next few weeks jammed back with in-laws having just left and then a vacation (what’d you say!?) planned for this week, the third trimester will be here before I know it. Oh dear time, keep up the pace.

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  • You look ravishing! And I’m sure you look just as cute in t-shirts and sweats. I spent the last month of both my pregancies in a particular pair of maternity overalls. By the end of the second one, I wanted to burn them. It’s all about comfort sister, damn the fashion bug! As for Hooper’s time away from you, take advantage of it now because soon enough you’ll have two to tote around on errands and the idea of going to more than two places in an outing is laughable.

  • I bet you’d still be beautiful in Willy’s shirts and sweats. You are gorgeous!

    I have a feeling Hooper will love the new arrival. He’s such a sweetheart. I was a total bitch, snarky from a young age. Hence the bananas.

    I love you “BEEZE”!


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