26 Weeks


I’m officially on leave from work, which came more abruptly than planned. I’ve been having so much low back pain that the back-up OB and myself decided taking off now would be safest. I planned on feeling that rush of excitement similar to the feeling when you walk out of school on the last day before summer break, but I don’t feel that way at all. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.
In other 26 week news, I’ve been having some braxton hicks. They actually started a while ago and if I remember correctly I think I suspected the first one as early as 13 weeks. There is no denying them now and it’s comforting to know my uterine muscles are getting their workout on before the big day. I’m trying to keep hydrated in an effort to keep em’ spread out and so far it’s worked, as they come only every now and again. I can also palpate little parts. I feel what seems to be miniature elbows or knees and can clearly feel when his back is pushed up against my abdominal wall. The kicks are getting stronger so I know all that protein I’ve been consuming is doing it’s job. I’m sleeping somewhat better. If it weren’t for the back pain, I’d sleep like a baby. Luckily, Hooper is such a good sleeper that he gives me a good 11 hours to get whatever kind of shut eye I can in and with the exception of a rare day here and there I feel quite well rested.
As a complete side note, how does the house get dirty so fast? I swear it’s been my goal to keep this place clean now that I’m not working, but I’m learning it’s an everyday job and things pile up faster than they can be put away. I’m sure ya’ll feel me on that one. In any case, I have some spring cleaning to catch up on.

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