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When I first arrived at college eons ago, I was a wild lost soul. A wild lost soul in all the best kinda ways. A wild lost soul hungry for answers to all life’s hard questions, hungry for adventure and exploration and pushing of boundaries, hungry to learn about myself and this crazy world I lived in. My heart was an open book and my soul had that “let’s go!” kinda energy. Janet was there for it all and she had the same kind of energy. 
I nearly drowned in my tears last summer at her wedding rehearsal dinner as I gave a speech detailing my love for and admiration of her. It was last October that she called me with “exciting news” and I shared the same “exciting news” with her too. In fact, it was news that resulted in the birth of this blog. You can reminisce with me by checking out our first ever post here
Today is her baby shower and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The two of us have rode camels in Egypt and elephants in Thailand, we’ve camped in Mexico, took a 24 hour bus ride together in India, drove all the way to Louisiana and back again, been sky diving together, gone on double dates together, shared bunk beds in college, and it almost seems in line with fate that our due dates would be within days of each other. She is bound to be the most beautiful mom around.
Here’s a few things I collected for part of her gift, though they’ll be many more along the way.

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