Mr. Personality

Can I be candid for a moment without being judged? Here comes honesty: I’m not looking forward to having a newborn. Wow, that sounds harsh, right? Let me expand on that. Newborns are miraculous creatures, they really are. They are fun to stare at while marveling over their creation and existence and ability to survive. But beyond that, they don’t really do much. I mean puppies are born with the ability to walk. Isn’t that crazy? I mean you think about all the stages a newborn goes through and it’s like a freaking celebration when they roll over for the first time weeks after their born. Willy and I have said time and time again that we wish we could birth a one year old and start out at the fun stage immediately. Instant gratification.
And that’s based solely on our experience with Hooper. Because 11 months after he was born, a personality started to flourish. Who knew he would ever be anything more than a blob? And since that time, his personality has grown exponentially. And it is so. freakin’. fun.
I embrace the newborn stage wholeheartedly because I know now what it leads to. Dear 16 month old little humans, you guys are so rad.

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  • Man, he is such a combination of you and Willy in terms of facial expressions!

    I’m glad you’re honest about the newborn stage. I’m sure it’s a relief for many moms to realize they’re not alone with the blob-gazing. Ha.

  • Our daughter joined our family at 2 months old. Though I wish I could have been there for her from birth (because she experienced a bunch of crap before she came to us), I think it would be awesome if babies were born at 2 months old. I mean, she was already smiling and practically sleeping through the night! She’s 8 months old now and pure delight, but I’m looking forward to 11 month old and so on.

    • I agree. You have many more milestones to enjoy. It just keeps getting better 🙂 Congrats on your daughter!

  • all three of my newborns scared me, there’s something about a tiny one so helpless, it’s scary to me. all that instinct kicks in and you do it but i have to say, i was happy as they got a big bigger. i also had c-sections with all 3 so i think MY instincts were a bit messed up because i felt really vulnerable when i needed to feel more in control. i get it.


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