It’s no secret that I dream of clothes I can wear when I’m no longer pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenge of making what I own work with my pregnant belly. But when I separated my little closet into my no way will I be able to wear this section and my clothes that MAY work with pregnancy section, I immediately started missing the neglected half. I remember taking a childbirth class when I was pregnant with Hooper and the instructor suggested the women buy a dress during their pregnancy that they plan on wearing after giving birth. A little gift from your pregnant self to your newly defined mama self. My eyes instantly lit up as I told Willy, she’s the one who suggested it, not me. Well this time around I thought I’d do something similar, though a little grandeur. I’m putting together what I’m calling a post-pregnancy-prize-pack. I’ve bought a few things over the past few months that in no way, shape, or form are appropriate for the two of us. And when I say the two of us I mean myself and this incredibly noticeable jetting out belly o’ mine. So I’ve placed these little gems in a delicate little box where I hope to forget them and then re-marvel at them at a later time, post birth. Who said I was going to include my favorite bottle of wine as well? I didn’t say that! No I didn’t… Okay, some sweet white wine may be thrown in as well. Cheers! 
What would you include in your post-pregnancy-prize-pack?
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