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Truthfully, I can’t believe I got around to posting snapshots of this week, as it’s been a busy week of work. I guess I had a few days off here and there and these photos serve as proof. We welcomed spring by spending a lot of time outdoors. It had been rainy and cold but suddenly, on the first day of Spring, the sun came out and we took advantage. Even the indoor plants have been blossoming beautifully. I love this time of year. Who said California didn’t have seasons? // I finally received my copy of More of the Business of Being Born but have yet to find the time to watch it. I’ve actually had it for a few weeks now. Maybe I’m intimidated by the multiple CD’s within it. Where will I find the time? Oh dear time fairy, please come my way // We enjoyed breakfast out at a diner. I had cinnamon roll french toast (not pictured, but it really doesn’t get any better than that). Hooper even got to enjoy the rides outside the diner, until we left. Then he threw a small scale tantrum. A peek into the real world of toddler-hood, I suppose // Hooper walked his toy dog all over the place. I long for the day he’s big enough to control Sarah and take her for a walk while I sit at home and paint my nails. I lie, I never paint my nails. But I would enjoy just sitting // Hooper also got a new pair of kicks, size 5. He’s moving up in the world // I found these cute vintage t-shirts for $3 a piece. The stripped one is too small for Hooper, but I figure this new baby should get a little something too. And I’m totally smitten over that Hershey’s shirt. You’ll be seeing a lot of it. Don’t judge, I do laundry all the time // Even when we were indoors, these two munchkins of mine longed to be outdoors. Instead, we played fetch indoors // Snack time just got a whole lot more fun now that someone has perfected sucking out of a straw // That same little someone received a boat load of hand-me-down toys from a friend. Aren’t hand-me-downs the best? The same friend also gave me a children’s table and chairs, for which I have a great DIY planned. Now I need to summons the space fairy because I’m running out of space faster than I’m running out of time.
Happy Friday!

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