♥ Happiness ♥

My heart was warmed when I was recently asked by a reader to do a post on what makes me happy, for her blog. I spent a lot of time pondering because many things make me happy and then there is, of course, the obvious answer in being a mother. Instead, I tweaked the question a bit and asked myself instead to reflect on a moment of happiness. A favorite time of the day, per say. And then the answer came easy.
Most nights culminate in Hooper’s room. We watch him play, we read books, we listen to music, we discuss our day or our plans for the next day, we call Willy’s parents in Arizona and laugh with them as we all watch Hooper run amok in these last few minutes before he hits the hay. It’s a time of reflection and togetherness and it has happiness smeared all over it.
Thank you Leigh, for inviting me to do this post.
































































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