Then & Now, 23 Weeks


























It’s almost as if this little boy was trying to fool me. He thought that if he gave me a little nausea and caused my skin to break out like a rebellious pizza-eating-teenager that I may believe all the old wives tales and think him to be a girl. The funny part is that as soon as I unveiled his little secret, my skin mysteriously cleared up. What a little jokester. I have a feeling I better play my cards right with this one, he’s a mischievous one already.
So yes, the celebration may begin. My skin is clear. Can I get a collective hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray. I feel much better now that I’m not spending my evenings in front of the mirror performing toilet-side procedures that end in anguish and despair. My dear pregnancy gods, please tell me those days are behind me for good.

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  • Pretty dress! Your bumps look so much the same from one pregnancy to the next. Glad your skin cleared up, though I never noticed you were broken out…

  • hi! i just found your blog on “oh dear drea” — have been reading a few posts (love them) and could not help but laugh and comment at this one because i had the exact same experience. bad skin, nausea, sweets cravings… and literally, as soon as i saw this little BOY on the screen it was like BOOM – great skin, no nausea… but the sugar cravings are still in full force – ah well.. someone’s gotta gain a million pounds.. let it be me!
    you are one gorgeous preggo by the way. i love that you still put effort into yourself.. i should take a hint 😉


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