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This past week has been busy, but the fun busy. Willy took Hooper to the beach on a day I had to work. I was bummed I missed it until a friend of ours sent me the photo above and then I was just glad they got to go. There will be more beach trips. We introduced Sarah to a new bone that has already disappeared to the backyard, but not before a true tug-o-war fight was won. I haven’t seen the bone since. We had a play date with the lovely Emerson and her cousin Evan, who is Hooper’s age. Unfortunately I couldn’t get away from photographing this beautiful little girl to capture one, not one, photo of the boys playing. Granted, we lost one of them to nap time and my opportunity was sort of shot. There will be more play dates. We spent lots of time playing in the backyard. Hooper is fond of sticks and Sarah is fond of stealing his sticks. Needless to say, Hooper got knocked straight back by a romping wild Sarah and came inside with no stick and a bump on his head. It’s hard being a boy. Even harder being a boy with Sarah as your best friend. And lastly, some sweet gifts came in the mail from my mother-in-law. It’s always nice to open a surprise package. Hope you all had a nice week as well.
Happy Friday!

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