Polly Wanna Cracker? Part II

I started a cracker experiment a while back. You can read the first post here. This is an update. Here’s what Hooper has tried on a cracker:


Not all were successful. The olive, cheese, tomato mix was a second chance for this recipe that failed the first time. It failed again. He also did not like the cottage cheese or tuna. He did, however, take to the avocado, hummus, and peanut butter (not pictured). I may have exhausted my cracker trick, but if anyone has anything further to recommend on a cracker, I’m all ears.

4 Responses

  • What about cheddar cheese on crackers? Cream cheese (always my favorite)? Fruit jam? Almond butter? Fruit jam + almond butter (hehe)? Flavored hummus (tomato, etc)? Pesto? I could go on…

  • My 18 month old son ate guacamole for the first time ever (after at least 50 failed attempts over the past 11 months) after I PUT IT ON A CRACKER last night! You are BRILLIANT! Thanks! I cannot wait to put the-previously-hated-hummus on a cracker tonight and see what happens. …

    • Oh how it feels me with such good feelings to hear this. Hope the hummus is equally as successful. Thanks for sharing!


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