Bits + Pieces

Snapshots from our week

Sarah frolicked on the new sofa and quickly made it her home // I {heart} Bob Dylan // Papa was set to work from home on a day I was cancelled from work so we had an unexpected day together ๐Ÿ™‚ // Hooper took exceptionally long naps this week, I’m talkin’ 4 to 5 hour naps… growth spurt? // He woke up from his slumber happy as pie and gnawing on his crib rail, as usual // We took Sarah to see her beloved doggie friends at the park // Then she passed out // Hooper’s obsession with my iPhone is intense. There’s lots of screaming fits until he gets that thing in hand, more screaming fits if he does not // Tiny feet I could kiss all day long // Motherly love // Breakfast with my parents before our trip to the zoo // Hooper’s really into stacking things and then watching them fall over // Hot Hot Hot damn we’ve had some warm days, gotta love March in California // Bath time camera attack monster.
Happy Friday!

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