Adventures in Parenting

I suppose everyone deals with the frustrations of parenting differently. Some turn to discipline while others turn to the bottle. Willy and I turn to humor. When Hooper’s being a “little shit” as we like to call it, we humor ourselves. Most of our frustrations are centered around the dinner table and our frivolous attempts to get Hooper to eat the damn food we so lovingly put on his plate. For a while now, it’s been hard to eat at the same time. As soon as he sees my plate, all he wants to do is touch my food and throw my food on the floor. It’d be one thing if he ate my food, but instead he’ll stop eating his food so he can play with my food. Needless to say, Willy sometimes suggest I eat in the other room. I don’t argue.
And that’s the rough background for this little story. I was eating next to the cozy fire in the other room, Willy was eating with Hooper in the kitchen. Next thing you know Willy says I should come into the kitchen. This is what I find:


So the question becomes, how do you deal with a 15 month old that won’t eat his spaghetti? Your answer may be to let him starve. Another parent may just poor themselves a glass of wine. Willy’s answer was to dump the spaghetti on his head. And my response was to photograph it. What’s that you say? We’re not going to win the parents of the year award? Oh shucks. Willy’s dad dumped spaghetti on his head as a small child and one day when karma swings back Hooper’s way, he can dump spaghetti on his kid’s head. All is fair in love and parenting.

4 Responses

  • The question is: Will he eat his spaghetti next time? Maybe he liked having it on his head. Looks like he definitely enjoyed the bath afterward.

  • laughing my ass off at this post! thanks for the giggle!

    ps: i think he gets upset at the end because he was worried his favorite shirt got dirty! 😉

  • That’s hilarious! My Mum once threw a whole platter of spaghetti over my Dad when he was too drunk at a dinner party. I wasn’t there but I’m told he had the similar look of outrage on Hooper’s face in the first photo! And then also apparently started to pick it off and eat a little. Kellie xx


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