19 + 20 Weeks

What do you know… these weeks are going by so fast that I’m behind. I meant to prepare my 19 week post before we left for the mountains… but, it just didn’t end up that way. So here we go, two birds one stone. 
I had a little handsome fellow join me on my 19 and 20 week shoot. What a cutie. So, what’s new in pregnancy land you ask? Well, they’re creepy. They’re crawly. They ruin the daisy duke look. They’re dun dun dun (dramatic music, please) spider veins. I wish there were a way of writing that so all the letters were a bit squiggly. But whatever, you get the idea. Yup, just another fun thing us pregnant women must endure. First pregnancies almost seem easier because these things are more easily overlooked. But the second time around… it’s like an allergic reaction; it gets worse with each occurrence. It’s not that this pregnancy is so drastically different, but rather my reserves to deal with all these bodily changes is less. With that said, I feel  fantastic. This second trimester has been a breeze thus far. Oh ya, and maybe it’s that mountain air I keep coming back to, but my skin is clearing up. Wahoo. Now that’s a reason to smile. With no further adieu, here’s my little helper and I at 20 weeks…

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