Bits + Pieces

A friend of Willy’s surprised us with cupcakes. They are homemade and they are ah-mazing. She is quite the baker and her cupcakes were enjoyed throughout my first pregnancy as well. I’m a fiend for cupcakes // Hooper learned to how stand up to be tall and sit down to be small and true to Hooper fashion he found some unlabeled uses for his little stool as well. Sarah was not so into it. Just kidding, Sarah was totally into it // Papa came home with a new tattoo. It’s a squirrel, not a rat contrary to popular belief // Sarah has a new affinity for Hooper’s crib. The interest grew gradually until she finally bit the bullet and tried it out for herself. She plays in there with Hooper for a bit and then clears the thing like it ain’t no thang // And Hooper discovered that books are more than just for eating and throwing.
Happy Friday!

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