Style de Hooper

I had another post planned today that I will share later because Hooper is being featured on one of my favorite blogs, Modern Kiddo and it is the cutest post ever. Sure, I’m totally biased, but I do want to extend a warm thank you to Dottie and Alix for the love. So instead, I’ll throw a little Style de Hooper your way. You can click here to view Hooper on Modern Kiddo. 
These posts are honestly some of the hardest. Trying to get Hooper to stand still is almost impossible. I think he’s starting to understand to the concept, as every now and again he’ll stand so deliberately against the wall… for two seconds. Literally two seconds. And I usually have the camera down by my side because I’m pleading with my eyes to get him to stand there. By the time he listens and I get the camera up to eye level, he’s on the move. See the picture above? There you see him…
…and now you don’t.
Sitting nicely…
…and now preparing for his escape.
Steamboat Overalls: from Etsy seller Lishyloo
Undershirt: Gerber plain white
Shoes: Saucony hand-me-downs

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