We Heart Vintage Toys

Hooper has many, many toys. He rarely plays with any of them. As you already know, he prefers the broom. Or the fireplace utensils. Or the swiffer. Or even the recycling bin. You get the idea. Many of his toys come in the form of gifts and many of them end up in his toy crate where he rummages from time to time. The majority of his other toys are hand-me-downs. From me. Or rather, from my mom. Toys I played with. I hardly consider my mom a pack rat, though she seems to pull out these amazingly nostalgic toys from hidden closets I must have never sifted through.
There are a handful of toys from our childhood that everyone seems to remember. The corn popper, for example. I look at the toys today and I just can’t imagine any of them becoming collectables or even shared memories among an age group. Maybe time will prove me wrong.
Anyway, as we scour the flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores, we just can’t seem to pass up a good vintage find. These toys are just so classic. We heart our vintage toys. Here’s a few from our collection:



The following toy cars were my dad’s as a child.




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