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Snapshots from our week…









































































































Sarah was busy being Sarah, waiting for her little friend to come out of his crib and play. She is the crib protector, but only sometimes. Other times she is the crib monster// We uncovered an old record from our hand-me-down pile// I made a banana pancake for Hooper and spun the new tunes in the background. So technically speaking, Hooper ate pancakes with Peter// I took our wedding album out of the cupboard and found a nice little home for it behind the sofa// Hooper discovered how to put his jack-in-the-box back in his box and close the lid. Big advances// I spent lots of time in the kitchen inspired by a few new recipes// I made baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar for Hooper to try. He refused to even try. It was a bust// We bought some plants for the backyard// Hooper dug into his spinach nuggets, always a crowd pleaser, and then removed all his books from his bookshelf.
Happy Friday! And a special thanks to Bleubird for inviting her readers to participate in this post series.

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