Hooper @ 14 months

Growth: We have not been to the doctor since your 12 month appointment, so I do not know your height or weight. In fact, for the first time ever someone asked me what you weighed last and I couldn’t remember. I used to know down to the ounce. I used to worry so much about how much you were getting. Those days have passed and it is nice not to harp on your weight. You’re healthy, that much I know.
You haven’t gotten any more teeth. Your daddy and I are wondering where they’re all hiding. They seemed to all come in at once and now nothing. I do see a tiny one starting to pop through on the bottom right, so maybe that’s a sign there will be more shortly thereafter.
Eating: Feeding you has always and will always be an adventure. You definitely know what you like. Breakfast is never a problem. We have that down to a routine. You always get a puree of different fruits and vegetables and you haven’t waved one off in quite sometime. We always finish with some whole grain cereal, either Flax Seed Flakes or Hearts and O’s. If you haven’t finished your puree, adding a little cereal always does the trick. For lunch you eat Greek yogurt, steamed carrots, sweet potato mixed with broccoli, a tofu mix (sometimes you wave this away or share so lovingly with Sarah), grilled cheese, scrambled eggs with cheese, corn mixed with sour cream, anything mixed with sour cream. For dinner we try to give you some of whatever we’re eating, but that doesn’t always fair well. In fact, lately we’ve been trying to feed you before we eat because as soon as I sit down with my food all you want is my plate and my fork. It’d be one thing if you ate what was on my plate, but all you want to do is play with it. So ya, I’ve been feeding you while papa makes dinner. You like veggie burger patties, spinach cakes, cherries, blueberries, breaded chicken, fish sticks, some pasta, Mediterranean couscous. Your favorite snacks are raisins, apple sauce, string cheese, and any cracker. We’re always trying new things, but you are definitely picky and feeding you is definitely frustrating at times.
You do well with a spoon and fork, but still use your hands as well. Not sure what to do about the bottle… as we still have to hold it for you. Not because you’re not capable, but because when you really want milk, you want us to give it to you and when you’re not interested you just want to carry your bottle around and spill it all over the place. We keep meaning to push the sippy cup, but we haven’t done a good job at being consistent.
Talking and Development: You’re starting to say a lot more these days. Mostly different sounds: go-go, boom, hiss, mooo, nay-nay, nooo, and various pitches of whining. Words you use include: ma-ma, your all time favorite, pa-pa, da-da. More than speaking, you’re understanding. If I ask you to sit down, you sit down. You can point out your hair, ears, nose, belly, and feet. If we say “stomp your feet” or more recently “fancy feet”, you stomp your feet in quick succession. If I tell you to give Sarah a hug, you rest your little head on her side. You follow simple instructions and for the first time I think it’s safe to say you are smarter than Sarah. I wondered when this transition would take place. It has.
Sleeping: You go to bed at about 9pm and wake up around 8am. It’s perfect. I couldn’t ask for more. You take a two hour nap in the morning, usually from 10am to 12pm and another nap in the afternoon around 4pm for another hour or so. You are an absolute perfect sleeper and I love it.
Favorites: You’re in to anything and everything which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: we don’t need to bring any toys when we go anywhere. You always find something to entertain yourself with. Disadvantages: nothing is off limits. You’re somewhat into your toys, but you’d much rather carry around a broom or go digging in the recycling bin. You’re also still obsessed with Sarah’s food, partially because you obviously enjoy the taste. You love to organize things and are constantly picking something up, transporting it to somewhere else, then rearranging the pile you’ve accumulated, then transporting it all to a new location. You’re quite industrious.
Upcoming: Still haven’t gotten around to that mommy and me class. Our midwives suggested mommy and me yoga. I’d love to do that, so I’m going to look into that. Other than that, transferring from a bottle to a sippy cup is a must. I’m starting to get embarrassed. Just kidding. Seriously though, it’s time Hooper.

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