Food Cravings

I know I ate a lot of bananas as a baby. I don’t think I’ve touched them since. But whenever I cook bananas for Hooper, the smell just melts my taste buds. I bought some banana chips at the store. I tried em’. I liked em’. Banana chips can now be found in our cupboards at all times. I haven’t ventured to try a banana all by itself, I’m picky that way, but I have also been adding cooked bananas to my pancakes and they are to die for. I crave them all day long. My sister added the suggestion of using crisco in the pan. Um, ya… big mistake. Crisco turned my to-die-for pancakes into to-kill-for pancakes. I will do just about anything for that greasy crunchy banana goodness. I look forward to going to bed at night just to wake up to this:

See that crunchy overhang? That’s the best part. And don’t be fooled by the single pancake. I go back for seconds. And want thirds, but I stop myself after two. 

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