Confessions Of…










I used to always push avocados on Hooper. He’s always been in the low percentile for weight and avocados are good for packing on the “good” fat. No matter what recipe I tried, he’d have none of it. I was about to let an avocado go to waste the other morning and thought I’d give it another go. It’s been a while since his last avocado rejection episode. Here’s what I included:










One Avocado










Strawberries and blueberries










Yes, in case you are wondering I always include a big bowl of spinach for my little popeye










Hooper waiting patiently










Hooper not waiting patiently










Steamed Carrots











Cherries and Banana (I actually used two bananas)










Butternut Squash

And, as always, the result:

















































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