13 weeks

We had our first appointment with the midwives this week and I have mixed emotions about how it went. For me, it was great. It was a familiar environment with familiar faces with supportive people that see birth and the birthing process through the same lens as me. For Willy, it felt like torture. I felt like I had to drag him with me and reiterate all the reasons why I believe a home birth is the best option for me. We’ve had this argument, or conversation rather, many times and each time it seems to land us in the same place: You know, those silent car rides when more is said with an eye roll than with a single word. We both believe adamantly about what we believe and he says getting him to believe a home birth is the best choice is like getting me to believe a hospital birth is the best choice. And that ain’t happening. So where to go from here is the question? We talked some more on the long drive home and have come to a tentative place of agreement, but it feels empty without having full support behind it.
With that said, I’m hoping to hear from others that have had or contemplated having a home birth. Did your partner agree with your decision? How did you come to a decision as to what was best? I’d love to hear more about your experience… Especially from the father’s perspective.
Oh ya, and we heard that little pounding heart and in those few moments all was p e r f e c t.

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  • Hey Ashley! You should chat with my sister-in-law…Abby (used to be Hedgepeth / now McGill). She had a home birth with Grant who is now 2 years old and has another one planned for the other baby that is due in 2 months. I can’t imagine that my brother was a huge fan at the beginning, but he’s fully supportive. Send me an email if you want me to connect you. She is all about the home birth’s and I’m sure would be happy to chat with you.


  • I can understand the hesitation about a home birth, but I really trust your midwives. If you needed to go to the hospital for any reason, they would make that happen. I’m excited for you, regardless of where the little one is born 😉

    • Sarah, one of my midwives, was my OB instructor in nursing school. I knew after that course that I definitely would want to birth my children at home. I wasn’t even married yet. I forewarned her then that she would be the one catching my baby and then contacted her about a year or two later when we were trying to get pregnant with what is now Hooper 🙂 Lucky for me, she was still catching babies and working with an awesome team of other midwives and midwives in training.

      It was important for me to know Sarah prior to getting pregnant. It took a lot of the work out of finding someone with good credentials, experience, and warmth.


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