Arizona, Part Two

My father-in-law is a dairy veterinarian. Engage with Willy in a 10 minute conversation and he’ll probably mention this fact. That’s how proud he is. And he has every right to be.
We tagged along last Saturday morning to watch Niles perform two eye operations: one to remove cancer on one of the layers of the eye and another to remove the entire eye that was also infected with cancer.
We saved the eyeball. Willy has plans to trade it for some more tattoo work.
Be forewarned, graphic images follow.





























































































































































































































3 Responses

    • Ashtyn says she wants to be a vet! Let her spend some quality time with her buddy, Niles and she might change her mind. Where’s the cute dogs and cats??? Niles does great things for those cows! It is both ewww and beautiful at the same time. I’m sure Niles loves what he does…


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