My Son, The Stick Carrier

Before we even talk about this latest obsession, can we talk about all the crap on the floor. I swear I keep our house fairly clean. It feels like I am picking up stuff off the floor constantly. There is only one excuse and it’s a very valid one: A 13 month old lives here. And there he is, with part of a baseboard in one hand and a shower curtain rod in the other.
Now, onto this obsession. Note again all those toys on the floor. I see books, a xylophone, records, a tin top, a ball, a wooden car, even a plastic container of pepper by his feet. But that baseboard and shower curtain rod trump everything. And it doesn’t stop there. He’s also into the swiffer, the broom, golf clubs. You get the idea. Anything long and thin. Not sure what to make of all this. What I do know is that he got toys, lots and lots of toys, for Christmas but spent much of the afternoon roaming around with a mop and broom.

Note Sarah in the background, fearful for her safety. She’s not so dumb after all…

But apparently I’m the one in danger.
Is this a typical stage? Does your one year old choose the broom over the book? Or is my little boy a future javelin thrower?

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  • I’m opting for future javelin thrower! I think he just likes to wield weapons, just in case.

    By the way, I see he’s wearing his new pajamas. Very cute!


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