Pregnant Chicken

As a first time mom-to-be I can’t help but be overwhelmed with all that I read. It seems the more I read, the more there is to fret about. I remember texting Ashley frantically a few weeks ago, “I just ate a Cold Cut at Subway—now what?!” Well…my sister-in-law just shared an encouraging website with me. The author goes on to dispel some of those crazy rumors including, “Can I eat sushi?” and “Can I fly while pregnant?” And she is absolutely hilarious. Without further adieu, I present Pregnant Chicken: Keeping Pregnancy Sunny Side Up.
Thanks for sharing Lisa!

3 Responses

  • That is all too true, expecting parents are already hyper sensitive to what they should be doing, and the more we research the more we fret, it is a self perpetuating paranoia circle. But it really does make you wonder how they actually have healthy babies (and lots of them) in developing countries, or how our parents had healthy babies without the internet or prenatal vitamins or car seats.
    Thanks for the post and reassurance.

  • What a great site. I agree… Pregnancy leaves you so vulnerable. I remember looking up night sweats during my second pregnancy (I had night sweats with my first pregnancy too). The site mentioned some link between night sweats and miscarriage. Of course this sent me into a furry before I regained composure and reminded myself that I need to follow my instinct instead. There is too much out there to make you panic and fret. That’s why I like the link you posted cuz she puts it all in perspective. I liked that she included bouncy castles too. And I checked out the allergy medication link cuz I always have allergys… for those that say no allergy meds, she says “suck my snot”. I dig her. Thanks for sharing and try not to get too engulfed with it all. Pregnancy is the most natural thing. It takes care of itself for the most part. And crack heads have babies. Cold cuts won’t do shit.


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