Dear Santa… Mama & Papa Edition

I’m not gonna lie… It was much easier to put together a Christmas list for Hooper. It’s funny how thinking about ourselves becomes an afterthought when you become a mom or dad. I mean look at our list… It has something for the dog and a trash can. Yes, a trash can for goodness sakes! Anyway, this is all we can muster up…

1. Denver Nuggets retro jersey
2. Double trash can (We have a bear, named Hooper, that has been getting into the recycling bin. Non. Stop.) source
3. Led Zeppelin’s House of the Holy & Grateful Dead’s The Best Of, both on Vinyl
4. Vintage glasses from Etsy seller Vintagerous
5. Canon 24-70mm f.2.8… Let a girl dream… source
6. Dog bowl from Etsy seller ModPet
7. Tool chest (Can’t wait to get some of the tools out of the office desk drawers)
8. Gap Skinny Maternity Jeans source
9. Bullet Planter source
10. Not pictured: A new kitchen and a beautifully landscaped backyard would be peeeeeeerrrfect.


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