Just Go With It

Sometimes pulling Hooper away from everything becomes too draining. Especially with this new-human-growing-fatigue. I hate saying “No” as much as I presume he hates hearing it. We baby proof as we go. The lastest thing we did was to move all the potted plants outdoors. It became too much work to be constantly vacuuming up the dirt and picking up the rocks and washing his hands and chasing after him and oh ya, lets not forget the following:
Note the guilty, “Who me?” face. Gotta love it. Is getting mad at my children always going to be this hard??
The one thing we haven’t figured out is what to do with Sarah’s food. We’ve toyed with leaving it outside, but it’s not ideal and we haven’t gotten to the end our ropes… yet. Anyway, back to going with it. I saw him eyeing Sarah’s food. I decided to let him touch it. My thinking is that if I just let him play with it, maybe he’ll get over it. Touch it he did. Here’s a play by play:
Oh yes, I love to dig my hands in this yummy food.
Maybe I should try a piece. 
Yes, I will try a piece. Yum.
Now I’m thirsty. Oh good, there’s water.
What will happen if I put the food into the water?
My my, look at this mess I’ve made!
Better clean up before mom finds me.
All clean.
Sometimes making the mess and cleaning it up is just more fun. It’s a life lesson I suppose, if we make a mess, we have to clean it up. If you never make a mess, you can’t understand the true value of cleanliness. Look at me getting all philosophical. Off to sit on my rock and rest my chin on my hand and my elbow on my knee.

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