Then & Now – December 9th

Five years ago today, I went on my first date with the man I know call my husband. My best friend. We had been friends in college years prior, but never persued anything romantically until running into each other years later at a bar. We saw each other at that bar in August. I was with Janet, of course. We were actually in between adventures, which was pretty typical. We had just come back from an around the world trip that took us from Thailand to India to Malta to Egypt to Morocco and back.
I remember the henna still being fairly fresh on Janet’s hand from Morocco, our last stop. We were home a week before we took off on the road and drove all the way to Louisiana and back. It was in that week that we found ourselves sharing a few drinks with a few friends. And we saw Willy, an old friend of both of ours. We pulled one of those say his name and turn around quickly but then glance back even faster to see if he turned around tricks. You know, when you’re not quite sure it is who you think it is. Well, he was who we thought he was and the next thing you know we were all making small talk, catching up on the few years we had missed of one another’s lives. Truth be told, I had no idea he was into me. I didn’t leave the bar that night with any sort of anticipation or butterfly flutter in my stomach.
And just like that Janet and I were off on our road trip.
We came back sometime in October, I think, and we had no money. So started a series of garage sales. Somehow we got back in touch with Willy, who offered us lots of treasures for our sale. Since we had so many, all the big ticket items were gone. We were left with some random clothes and trinkets. Willy showed up with a truck full of stuff which ended up making us the majority of our money that day. All he wanted in exchange was for us to come to his Christmas party. So we did. Next thing I knew, he was reaching for my hand. We held hands a lot during that party. And we kissed. And then I left with anticipation and butterflies swarming in my stomach.
On December 9th, he picked me up for our first official date. I was living with my parents at the time having just got back from our wild adventures. I also just started preparing for nursing school, so I was pretty much a post-college graduate with a degree I wasn’t going to use, with no money, studying for a second degree. My mom encouraged me to have a glass on wine before our date, so I did.
He took me to an upscale Hawaiian fusion restaurant. Little did he know that he’d be throwing down a Ben Franklin or two on a bill when in reality I was salivating as we passed the local Denny’s. I don’t think we’ve been to as nice of a dinner since. Anyway, I digress. Sparks flew. Romance budded. A love was born. That was five years ago.
Back to the present.
Today, December 9th, my best friend had her first ultrasound and met for the first time that lovely little life growing inside her. It’s miraculous, really.
I’m overcome with love today. Love for my husband and love for my best friend.


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