Dear Santa… Hooper edition

1. Piano: Fisher Price (another new oldie but goodie)
2. Stuffed fox: from Etsy seller sleepyking
3. Tricycle: made by Plan Toy
4. Vintage needlepoint: from Etsy seller SweetShopVintage
5. Stuffed owl: from Etsy seller FreshStitches
6. Vintage overalls: from Etsy seller starfriendsonearth
7. Eiffel Chair: for sale on Amazon for $89!
8. Oeuf Conversion kit (We bought the Oeuf Sparrow crib used on craigslist before Hooper was born but have been unable to find a used conversion kit. Bummer.)
9. Milk wagon: retro classics by Fisher Price (yes, they are reproducing the oldies but goodies)
10. Vintage Christmas Book: from Etsy seller DaydreamersUnite
11. Raffi Records on EBAY. Have you heard this guy? You can’t get his songs out of your head, but they’re terrific.


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