Home Remedies

Every morning Hooper has poop in his diaper. Most days there are additional poops by the time the day is done. Cleaning poop is one thing, but cleaning poop butt when you have a ball grabber is a whole other thing. As soon as I take that diaper off, it’s like white on rice. Not only is he a magnet to his junk, he’s also Mr.Squiggly Wiggly worm. Changing his soiled diapers successfully has really become something to brag about. Lately, I’ve been trying to give him something to hold while I try to change him. This usually works for a brief time, so like any animal in the animal kingdom, I’ve learned to get faster. I have the new diaper ready, wipes already pulled. But it’s not cutting it. He just wants to grab those nuts. So, this morning like a light coming from above it came to me. Here is my new solution:


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