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I’m falling far behind over here and just haven’t been able to give this space the attention I crave so deeply to give it. Such is life. I have a dirty diaper I just remembered that is still in my purse from Sonny’s doctor appointment this morning. That’s how life has been these days. I have so many posts I’m waiting to finish, photos that need to be culled and edited, and – oh ya – a house that needs to be unpacked… not to mention a certain six month old (how did that happen) that still feeds nearly every couple hours and two boys that are enjoying their newfound backyard freedom but have been tracking mud in the house incessantly. Needless to say, I purchased a handheld vacuum. And yet, it’s still in the box. “Box” is a nasty three letter word around here. No, no, no, ya perverts, not that kind of nasty… I’m referring to all the moving boxes that are sitting, some more haphazardly than others, waiting to be unpacked. I suppose the woes of moving are better suited for a separate post. In any event, here’s a video from our trip down to Baja, Mexico that I finished sometime ago and just got around to finally uploading. You can read about our trip and view the photographs by clicking here. Images are images and I’m grateful I have them, but these family videos are what keep me up late at night feeling all nostalgic and wondering how they grow so fast.

Fall Sessions | Photography

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Two hour session

Includes both in-home and on-location shooting

All edited high resolution images with print release


One hour session

Includes either in-ihome or on-location shooting

All edited high resolution images with print release


*these discounted rates are good for bookings made this week only

Not in the SoCal area? I’m hoping to do some travel sessions in the summer / fall of 2017 to Seattle / PNW, New York, San Francisco


Visual Supplement: Josh Soskin, The Untitled Underwear Project

Josh Soskin The Untitled Underwear Project“The Untitled Underwear Project is a photographic and cinematic exploration of the lives we lead in our underwear. It began simply, with the goal of capturing people in their more unguarded states in a way that felt real and intimate; moments normally reserved for your best friends, your lovers, your family.  I wanted the photos to be beautiful but also to eschew strictly traditional concepts of beauty, to find subjects spanning diverse ranges of age, race and gender.
I thought it would take a few months. It turned into a few years. As time went on it evolved and grew and what I hope it’s become is a celebration of humanity. Everything that being half-naked implies — the liberating, the banal, the romantic, the solitary, the sexy, the domestic, the moments we live for and the details in between.
I’m sure it’s not perfectly comprehensive, nothing ever is, but I’m happy with it.  And I’m happy for all that it’s taught me. This was my first photography project. And I don’t think it will be my last. Thanks for lending your eyes.” – Josh Soskin

You can check out more images from the project by clicking here. And just when I didn’t think the images couldn’t get any better, I saw the film…

Josh Soskin | Director | Photographer