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We’ve added so much over the last few months and have so much more coming (including a new site that’s been in the works for ages) that it’s hard to keep up or keep track. In any event, we’ve added more than what is shown here and if you’d like to take a look, hop on over to The Bee & The Fox. Happy to offer a coupon code for those of you that would like to make a purchase: Use code STORK20 for 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Code is good for today and tomorrow only.

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Hashtag: Normalize Breastfeeding

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I had a post written, ready to share, about the good that has come out of social media in terms of breastfeeding and the whole ‘normalize breastfeeding’ hashtag that may better be classified as a movement; because hot damn there’s a lot of moms out there sharing – what truthfully is – a significant part of any new breastfeeding moms life. Breastfeeding an infant is pretty damn close to a full-time job. But then I was talking to a friend who confided that she shared different feelings about all these moms sharing about their dedication to breastfeeding and flashing images left and right of them feeding their babies; an over-saturation of sorts with a message that may have gotten lost in the abundance, the point – possibly – distorted. Where perhaps an innocent message of comradery somehow started to translate into a ‘my way is the best way’ message of inferiority. Hard to say if seeing it in a context such as this is produced from the images themselves or through the eyes of the one viewing them. I thought it was an interesting debate so I figured I’d bring it here, so others could weigh in.

How do you feel about moms sharing images of themselves breastfeeding their young? Do you feel that the message ever gets misconstrued; that perhaps some of the authors of these images have a pretentious air of inferiority? Does the author behind the images you see impact the meaning you derive from the image’s content? In other words, maybe it’s not the subject matter at all but perhaps the voice behind an image that may lend to a less-than-desirable translation?

Seeing so many images of moms openly breastfeeding has made me less shy about breastfeeding – especially in public – this third time around. I stressed much more about breastfeeding when Hooper, and then Van, were babies. Staying home felt most comfortable in terms of avoiding having to feed them in public. I remember wandering the flea market with Hooper as an infant and asking a vendor if I could use his car to feed him in. I was there the other month with Sonny and I fed him on the stairs in the middle of the bustling food court. It wasn’t that I yearned for anymore privacy when I chose to use the vendor’s car with Hooper, it’s more that it simply felt more socially acceptable; I wasn’t doing it for myself, I was doing it to protect everyone else.
I can’t say for certain whether it’s different because Sonny is a third-born and my cares have gone with the wind or if the movement of normalizing breastfeeding has spread visually so abundantly that I feel, well, comfortable. I’m even comfortable with others feeling uncomfortable.
I used to think of breastfeeding as such a huge commitment and, sure, it is. But this third time around it doesn’t feel like such a ball and chain; it feels like a privilege. Maybe that’s because I know it may be the last baby I breastfeed. I’d like to think it has at least something to do with this “normalize breastfeeding” movement because, dammit, I need to feel there is some good coming from social media and not just one rolling instagram feed of picturesque kitchens, sponsored posts, and curated mumbo jumbo.

Anyway, curious to know your thoughts. And for those that don’t breastfeed or didn’t breastfeed or aren’t going to breastfeed – for whatever reason – do you feel like an image of a breastfeeding mother is a back handed judgement on you? Do you take images like that personal? I suppose ‘fed is best’ could be a separate post on its own, but worth a mention here anyway. Because, really, fed is best.

Images by Tish Carlson

Home Inspiration

home inspiration _ the stork and the beanstalk

We’re hoping to move soon though it feels like we’ve been saying that (to one another, anyway) for months. Not looking for more interior space, per say, but definitely some outdoor space for the boys. Townhome living has been great for us in so many ways; we’re in a great community, where everyone knows everyone and our next door neighbor is as top notch as they come. But we’ve been longing for some outdoor space to call our own and with it now in site, we’re dreaming of how we’d like to make it our own. I’ve been consulting my dear friend Kate on all the design dilemmas I’ve had because damn all the decisions that need to be made. Anyway, I love her and her sweet clan (you can check out their airstream renovation progress by clicking here) and so I’m grateful to have her a mere text or call away when I’m frantically deciding between semi-gloss versus matte or 5 inch versus 9 inch (get your minds out of the gutter). We’re finding, like everyone, that the money left in our pockets may afford us nothing more than a nice potted plant from the downtown nursery but I suppose dreaming is the best part anyway.



vivianI would say I’m thankful it’s Friday, though really I have a work-filled weekend and with the first day of school on Monday – for both Hooper (hello, Kindergarten) and Van (another round of preschool) – I kinda wish this week would slow. It’s been quiet here all week for the first week in a long time and while my heart is here, I just haven’t been able to find the time to blog. Hoping with the older boys in school a few days I’ll be able to sit and complete a few posts I’ve been working on. In any event, I wish everyone a good weekend and for those who start school next week as well, can we all mourn together? Long live summer.