Sonny @ 7 Months


Growth & Appearance: You have a full head of hair that’s somewhere between blond and brown. You have way more hair than I remember either of your brothers having. Your eyes are no longer blue but aren’t quite brown either. You’re long and despite ‘falling’ in the weight percentile, you have plenty to pinch. You’re…

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A Family Session, with The Carlsons


I used to think that in the photography business, referrals were where it was at. Then I got a few a few referrals and changed my mind completely. It’s a totally different experience shooting someone that is familiar with your work versus someone who only hired you because their friend said you were good. Tish…

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Visual Supplement: Anne Rivera

anne-rivera2Anne Rivera, on the process of wet plate collodion photography, “My camera is from the turn of the century and keeping with the traditions of the past, I use all natural light. There is no adjustable aperture and no shutter, so all exposure time must be done by keeping the lens open to light while the subject remains still for an extended time. I truly believe the lens captures something magical in that long exposure time, something that comes across through the eyes of the subject that can’t be reproduced through any other type of photography”.

You can check out more of her work by clicking here and learn more about Anne herself by clicking here. And you may spy Hooper and I up in the top corner. Always grateful to be on the receiving end of gifts from talented friends.

The Long Beach Folk Festival


Do you ever have that feeling where you’re torn between truly looking forward to something and yet dreading it at the same time? I’ve felt that a lot, lately. Like when we bought tickets to ‘Oceanfest’ (primarily so we could see Eddie Vedder) only to sell our tickets the week of; the thought of finding…

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